Aug. 9, 2022

You know as well as I do all the cultural dangers ourselves, families, and communities are presented with. And, as much as we’d like to pin it on some politician or outside factor beyond our control, the bigger issue is that the greatest threat is ourselves and our unwillingness to face the challenges that we see.

My guest today is Kirk Cameron. He is an actor and is most well-known for his character, Mike Seaver on the 80’s hit sitcom, Growing Pains. Today, Kirk and I talk about what he dubs the “moral meat grinder,” why direction is more important that perfection, the power of divine intervention and guidance, the deconstruction of society, and how to become a man of faith and character.




  • Being an anomaly in Hollywood
  • Finding God and taking a different path
  • We have good reason to have great faith in God
  • Selecting the right projects
  • Moving from defense to offense in culture
  • One person partnered with God can change history
  • Embracing the unknown risk
  • We need to be conduits that bring heaven to earth
  • We are listening to messages from people who shouldn’t matter to us
  • Leaning into your purpose


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