July 5, 2016

Why do we fall in love? What’s the point? Is there a higher purpose underlying our relationships that makes all of the challenges and heartaches worth the effort? Have you ever considered the idea that the reason we form intimate partnerships is to apply spiritual principles, and encourage the advancement of our own soul’s evolution? And even if we do set that as our intention, why do we seem to miss the mark so often, and walk away wounded, full of regret, or worse yet- repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again? How do we create and maintain polarity between the masculine and feminine energies which we all possess?

In this compelling interview with legendary author and relationship expert John Gray, we explore the fundamental role our spiritual goals and values play in our romantic connections. We learn how to contextualize our relationships from a spiritual perspective, and how impactful our hormonal balance is when it comes to healthy communication and in having the capacity to live and grow together in harmony and fulfillment. It turns out that without and understanding of how our male and female hormones affect us (and how to manage them) it could be near impossible to get along and stay together.

This was one of the most powerful interviews I’ve done personally, so it brings me great joy to share John’s message with the world.

Do someone you know a favor and share this episode with them, in hopes that we all might come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the ones we love.

Blessings to you and yours,


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