Nov. 23, 2017

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) may contribute to hip and groin pain, buttock pain, pelvic or low back pain and referred pain into the thigh. Is conservative management effective in patients with FAI, or is surgery required? If we can treat FAI conservatively, what is the best treatment, and how can you tailor your treatment to your individual patients?

In episode 74 of the Physio Edge podcast with Dr Joanne Kemp you will discover:

  • What is FAI, and how can you identify it?
  • Common clinical presentations
  • Key subjective questions to ask
  • Types of FAI morphology and how they are identified
  • Is FAI just a normal finding?
  • How you can perform an objective assessment in patients with FAI
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Components you need to include in your conservative treatment for FAI
  • Which objective markers to use when treating FAI
  • How to address common impairments in your rehabilitation, including strength, functional tasks, cardiovascular training and range of movement
  • When to refer for a surgical opinion
  • Outcomes of surgical treatment
  • Future risk of developing OA in presence of FAI

Sports Injuries virtual conference presentation

As mentioned in this episode Joanne will be part of the Sports Injury virtual conference. Her pre conference presentation will discuss FAI and the diagnostic process in more detail. Her subsequent conference presentation will be available on 9-10 December 2017, with access for up to 12 months following the conference, and will discuss:

• Conservative management of FAI
• Specific exercise progressions you can use
• Return to sport for athletes

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Articles associated with this episode:

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