689: Landlord Tax Loopholes That’ll Help You Pay ZERO Taxes in 2022

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Nov. 17, 2022

Non-investors hate real estate tax loopholes. It always seems like the wealthiest landlords, apartment owners, or short-term rental hosts walk away with not only massive income but little-to-no tax bills at the end of the year. Are investors unethically avoiding taxes OR are they carefully, quietly using the tax code to build wealth and bring their tax burden down to zero? And if the big investors can do it, can average investors use the same strategies?

Whether you own one, ten, or a thousand rental units, Matt Bontrager, CPA at TrueBooks, has a solution for you. He’s been working with real estate investors for years to help them minimize their tax burdens and maximize their portfolio values. And unlike most CPAs, Matt can explain these strategies in a way that excites you, instead of slowly lulling you into a depreciation-induced dream.

Matt touches on the most powerful ways to eliminate your taxes in 2022. These tax strategies work for almost every type of investor, whether you’ve got a full-blown business or just a short-term rental side hustle. These tax tactics, when used correctly, can allow you to walk away from 2022 with a bigger refund, no tax bill, or years’ worth of losses to roll over so you walk into 2023 in a better reposition than ever before.

In This Episode We Cover:

The massive short-term rental tax “loophole” most investors are unaware of

Tax preparers vs. advisors and when you should start hiring these team members

Cost segregation studies and using them to eliminate years’ worth of tax bills

Bonus depreciation write-offs and why every investor MUST take advantage of this before the end of the year

Real estate professional status, its benefits, and what you need to do to obtain it

Tax avoidance strategies the wealthy use that almost any investor can mimic

And So Much More!

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