It Just Got Worse For Biden

Ruthless Podcast

May 23, 2024

Welcome back to the Ruthless Variety Program! In this episode, the fellas discuss a tough week for Joe Biden, featuring some head-scratching moments and fumbles that left everyone stunned. From confusing timelines to introducing hostages who weren't there, they dissect the highlights (and lowlights) of Biden's recent speeches.

The fellas share their candid reactions and fiery opinions on the administration's handling of various issues, including foreign policy blunders and misleading headlines. Plus, they explore the mind-boggling corrections needed for Biden's speeches, courtesy of the ever-busy "Bracket Man" at the White House.

Don't miss the guest segment with Allison Esposito, a Congressional candidate from New York, as she discusses the critical race and her vision for the future. Tune in for King of the Hill, hilarious clips, and much more on this episode of the Ruthless Variety Progrum!


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