BTC162: The Free Speech Solution - Primal's Miljan Braticevic (Bitcoin Podcast)

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Dec. 27, 2023

In the podcast 'The Free Speech Solution' with Miljan Braticevic, we explore Nostr's role in free speech and its unique aspects. The discussion covers why Nostr is pivotal, its ecosystem, and Primal's user-focused approach, featuring an integrated wallet and open-source stack. Key topics include Zaps, reshaping content publishing, content moderation in open networks, Primal Wallet's innovations, and partnerships. Insights into Nostr's current technical challenges and entrepreneurial lessons, along with future prospects for both Nostr and Primal, are also highlighted.


00:00 - Intro

01:59 - The Fundamentals of Nostr: Understand what Nostr is and why it's essential for free speech and decentralization.

01:59 - Technical Hurdles in Nostr Development: Gain insight into the major technical challenges currently faced in the development of Nostr.

28:54 - Primal's User-Centric Approach: Learn about Primal's focus on optimizing user experience, onboarding, and performance.

35:01 - Integration of Wallet in Primal: Insights into the integrated wallet feature and its significance for users.

35:12 - Unique Features of Nostr: Discover what sets Nostr apart from other protocols and why it's considered a game-changer.

35:12 - The Role of Zaps in Nostr: Explore how Zaps are fundamental to Nostr and their potential to reshape content publishing and the web.

37:12 - Innovations in Primal Wallet: Learn about the unique features of the Primal Wallet, including its Bitcoin address system and partnership with Strike.

38:19 - Entrepreneurial Lessons and Future Visions: Hear about key learnings as an entrepreneur and the future roadmap for Nostr and Primal.

01:00:47 - Open Sourcing in Primal: Understand Primal's commitment to open sourcing their entire stack and its impact.

01:00:47 - Challenges of Content Moderation: Delve into the complexities of moderating content on a radically open network like Nostr.

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