Feb. 10, 2023

Podcasting 2.0 February 10th 2023 Episode 121: "Lawful but Awful"

Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - A flurry of upgraded apps, new lightning services and big opportunities for Elites this week in the Board Meeting


Podverse NMS video test

HTTP Live Streaming - Wikipedia

Podcast Guru V4V

Marcus Couch

Scott Horton

Lawful but Awful

Audible reckoning: How top political podcasters spread unsubstantiated and false claims


Social interact api endpoint

Greenlight Breez


Lightning for Everyone in Any App: Lightning as a Service via the Breez SDK | by Roy Sheinfeld | Breez Technology | Feb, 2023 | Medium

Fee Market Competition: Bitcoin Ordinals And Inscriptions

LIT - Podverse - and Podcast Addict - Curiocaster

What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at

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