Ep 182 | WARNING! What Happens When America Gives Up God | Jonathan Cahn | The Glenn Beck Podcast

The Glenn Beck Program

April 22, 2023

People often talk about how the Left has embraced politics as its new religion. But Minister Jonathan Cahn, who authored "The Harbinger," takes it a step farther. His latest book, "The Return of the Gods," shows how the radical transformations of society today are part of an ancient pattern. Most of us can sense the evil spreading. We can tell that our society is sick. One mistake we make is the idea that the people devoted to destroying us are unhinged. They are, in a certain sense, but there is nothing irrational about what they’re doing. There’s something supernatural happening, and Jonathan blames the evil gods Baal, Ishtar, and Moloch. Jesus put an end to these ancient evils. But now they are returning, and America is leading the way, driven by the exploitation of children, the destruction of marriage, and the ubiquity of pornography. Their hidden pagan symbolism has begun emerging into plain sight, from “Pride” parades to rainbows and humans becoming like the machines and the animals. Jonathan’s solution is simple. Following the guidance of Jesus, he says, “Don’t be timid with goodness, don’t be timid with your love.”



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