Feb. 19, 2022

It might be said that there are very few old school Alchemists left in our world, but this is a very hard thing to know. Suffice it to say that it is a rare thing when one steps up to speak in our era. Way back in the 1700s there were beings of renown who had plumbed the breadth and depths of this creation, and this was reflected in healing techniques and echoed in buildings that seem far beyond our current abilities, in this era of spiritual blindness. As recently as 1967 the radio implored us; “Come on, people now – Smile on your brother – Everybody get together – Try to love one another right now”. But these ideas had been hijacked and now stand as a record of our descent through a prescribed drug addled haze. Here in 2022 the prescription continues as non-stop media tells us that our children were not created properly, but luckily modern medicine can fix them with a dose (or two, etc.) Hyper-materialism has blinded us to what could be, but that can change at any time. Our guest stands as a representative of possibility and points the way to a doorway free of fear. So here I lift one more verse from our 1960s example; “If you hear the song I sing – You will understand, listen – You hold the key to love and fear – All in your trembling hand – Just one key unlocks them both – It’s there at your command”.

“Try to love one another right now.

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