Sept. 29, 2022

Liz Truss speaks to eight BBC Local Radio stations, defending her mini-budget, saying she was prepared to make "controversial and difficult decisions" to get the economy moving. Newscast has assembled the full set of interviews. The BBC local radio round has been a pre-conference tradition for political party leaders for many years, a chance to speak directly to voters. Thanks to our colleagues at BBC Local Radio in Leeds, Norfolk, Kent, Lancashire, Nottingham, Tees, Bristol and Stoke who produced these interviews. The presenters were Rima Ahmed, Chris Goreham, Anna Cookson, Graham Liver, Sarah Julian, Amy Oakden, James Hanson and John Acres. Newscast is hosted by Adam Fleming. The producers of this episode were Louisa Lewis, Jonathan Aspinwall, Chris Brindley and Carlie Swain.

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