Dec. 7, 2022

Soundscapes floating over the horizon, aural illusions in broad daylight, distant voices transmitted. Playlists:

1. The Mighty Moog (Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard) “Ravel: Bolero” Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog* (*but were afraid to ask for) (Columbia 1972)
2. Dogliotti “Baile De Los Morenos” Candombe For Export (Sondor 1979)
3. Bruno Spoerri “Plane to Peru - Parvati Smaragd” Der Würger vom Tower (Finders Keepers 2022)
4. Jimi Tenor “Bass Kalimba Dance” Multiversum (Bureau B 2022)
5. Halfby “Beach Baby Be Mine (Remix by Roger Bong)” from Beach Baby Be Mine (Aloha Got Soul 2022)
6. Ant Orange - Tolouse Low Trax “Cracker Bo Bo Zy Remix” from You're Super In Diagonal - Remixed (Karaoke Kalk 2022)
7. Montparnasse Musique “Chibinda Ilunga” Archeology (Real Worlds Records 2022)
8. NICOL “Roulé Boulé” from Analogue Vertigo (Lumière Noire 2022)
9. Secret Cinema “Turquoise” from Minerals (Gem Records 2011)

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