March 30, 2022

Food & Drink Business editor Kim Berry talks to Chantale Millard, the CEO and managing director of Maggie Beer Holdings, about its growth from the company selling products from Australia's culinary icon Maggie Beer to where it stands today, a scalable premium ecommerce and omni channel business, set to meet its group revenue guidance of $100 million for FY22

Chantale recounts her history with the company, from originally working with Maggie and Colin Beer on Maggie Beer Products to being part of the leadership team, as the company became part of a company listed on the ASX, which was then rebranded as Maggie Beer Holdings.

We discuss its growth and acquisitions of Paris Creek Farm in South Australia and Saint David Dairy in Victoria, how the culture and ideals of the companies fitted together well and have moved into a growth phase.

Chantale talks us through the growth of the company’s ecommerce business when Covid arrived and the remarkable response from the public to Maggie’s cooking videos. To date, the videos have had about 6.5 million views.

As the ecommerce business started growing, the company realised the potential in the online marketplace. We discuss the acquisition of Hampers Gifts and Australia and how it has diversified the company’s revenue stream and provided a major growth channel.

We talk about the challenges of the supply chain disruptions that have characterised 2021/22 and how Maggie Beer Holdings is managing the situation.

Chantale tells us about the upcoming release of Paris Creek Farm branded milk into supermarkets in New South Wales and Victoria and its point of difference being that its milk is now from carbon neutral farmers.

We talk about what Chantale loves about her job and she provides the correct answer to the question of what her favourite Maggie Beer product is.

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