July 6, 2018


Aaron Wong

Los Angeles cliché. A burly man with husky needs.

Aaron Wong from Nobody Asked for This, Holler Presents, and the band Downtown, joins Brendan and Mark to discuss being new to podcasts, initial discovery, the new Google Podcasts app, and the question of whether we need a “Netflix of podcasts”.

The trio reveal their thoughts on the previous recommendation of Sleepover by CBC, and The Incomparable Game Show.

Brendan recommends Mark try the podcast We Fix Space Junk, an audio drama about a space mechanic with an odd mission. The first season is out now; take a listen.

We talked about the good and bad of Google’s Podcast app, and Brendan did the math(s) to see if that app was actually going to bring 4x the audience as iOS. Results: it might.

Fast Company says that there is room for someone to come in as the “Netflix of podcasts”., and Birchtree has a counter argument. Marco Arment agrees with Birchtree and the group pontificates about how a Netflix (or Blue Apron?) for podcasts would help or hurt the industry.

Check out Aaron’s band Downtown or his music podcast Nobody Asked for This and his improv comedy podcast Holler Presents.


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