April 27, 2023

Megyn Kelly is joined by Melissa Francis, former Fox News anchor, to talk about Fox News teaming up with the New York Times to try to take down Tucker Carlson, the truth about why Tucker was fired, reading between the lines in the media leaks, Fox News' plummeting ratings since Tucker is gone, the toxic media business, and more. Then Allie Beth Stuckey, host of BlazeTV's "Relatable," joins to discuss Lia Thomas slamming women as "transphobic" if they don't support trans athletes in women sports, Bud Light sales plummeting, Dylan Mulvaney's quest for fame, disturbing trans TikTok influencer calling for violence, the truth about the trans Montana lawmaker getting attention in the media, and more. Then Tatiana Siegel, executive editor at Variety, joins to discuss Don Lemon speaking out now after his firing and the revelations about his history of misogyny, NBCU CEO Jeff Shell's firing over sexual harassment in the workplace and an inappropriate relationship, and more.




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