May 8, 2022

Pre-show Tease

  • The Roblox saga continues




  • Economics Mini-Series: Three articles to grok the current monetary and energy transition
    • Lyn Alden's epic What is money? condenses 5000 years of monetary history into a half hour read
      • Understand previous monetary transitions so the current one doesn't surprise you >The Swiss dropped their gold standard when I was twelve years old, which was six years after Amazon was founded, and three years before Tesla was founded. The fiat/petrodollar standard is only four times older than bitcoin, and only two times older than the first internet browser. That’s pretty recent when you think about it like that.
    • Lyn Alden's Investing during stagflation
      • The last 20 years of low interest rates are bad experience for understanding high interest rate/high inflation investing
    • Arthur Hayes' Doom Loop is worth a second read, plays out the trades that lead to million dollar bitcoin
      • Government Debt Spiral + energy crisis = YCC
      • High inflation US, Breakup of EU, China divests dollars into energy, gold, btc?
      • China's savings is a big problem



  • Lyn Alden took the time to quantify how much volatility it will take to break the TERRA-LUNA peg and how selling bitcoin reserves could trigger a market crash
  • Solana needs another restart, POS is going great!
  • NFT activity is flatlining surprising no one who took 10 minutes to think about the fundamentals of 'non-fungible tokens' HINT: the key is 'non-fungible'
    • See the raw data here

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