28 – Limits of Language

Alan Watts Being in the Way

Feb. 6, 2024

Taking a trip through the constructs of form and labeling, Alan Watts philosophizes about the limits of language.

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This time on Being in the Way, Alan Watts philosophizes about:

  • Unexamined systems of belief underneath language
  • Ideas that are built into our common sense
  • The substance of form, pattern, and organization
  • The profound mystery of matter
  • Limitations in trying to use language to define the ineffable
  • ‘Matter’ as a root word for many things
  • Chinese views of nature
  • Why verbs do not necessarily need subjects
  • Being at peace with ourselves in a world of form
  • Recognizing the universe as a process

When we divide the world into operations and agents, doers and doings, then we ask such silly questions as ‘who knows, who does it, what does it?’ When the what that is supposed to do it is the same as the doing. You could very easily see that the whole process of the universe may be understood as process, nobody is doing it.” – Alan Watts

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