Oct. 25, 2022

Megyn Kelly is joined by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., author of "A Letter to Liberals," to discuss COVID pandemic orthodoxy, the need for discussion and debate, the elimination of freedoms due to the COVID pandemic, Dr. Fauci demanding blind faith in authority, the important issue of whether the COVID vaccines prevent transmission, myocarditis risk from COVID and from vaccines, rise in "unexplained" deaths in a post-COVID vaccine world, the truth about how many lives COVID vaccines saved and lost, the lack of important data needed to understand the rise in deaths post-COVID, what Fauci said about vaccines that could have an adverse effect before the COVID vaccines were available, the absurdity of the new booster which was only tested on eight mice and no humans, Pfizer's involvement in the Trump administration, Alex Berenson and tech censorship, RFK's disbanded "vaccine safety" commission, Scott Gottlieb and our supposed medical elite, American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations, problems with the VAERS system, personal backlash from family and friends, his views of Donald Trump then and now, Herschel Walker and our politics today, the war in Ukraine, American imperialism, RFK's personal connection to the war as his son Conor was fighting in the country, and more.

Alternately, here's the CDC on vaccines:

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