0641] [#Covfefe Break] Australia & France Protests, San Francisco Mayor, Haitian Immigrants, and FDA Panel

Unsafe Space

Sept. 20, 2021

Carter begins the show by recounting a "metaphorically true" tale of his visit to a restaurant amid the COVID pandemic. When Keri joins, the two discuss Steve Kirsch's presentation to the FDA vaccine advisory panel and the strange lack of mainstream debunking to which it has been subject. Next, Keri observers San Francisco Mayor London Breed's comedic (but unfortunately effective) response to her hypocritical violation of her own mask mandate. Then they highlight the largely ignored arrival of over 10,000 Haitian immigrants--collected under a bridge in Texas. Carter briefly mentions General Milley's treasonous behavior under the Trump administration, and Keri laughs about the glowie circle-jerk at a recent protest. Finally, they discuss the protests against authoritarianism in both France and Australia, and the need for people to unite under the philosophic principle of individualism. The video version of this episode is available here: Links Referenced in the Show: Steve Kirsch's segment at the FDA advisory committee: Select slides from Steve Kirsch's presentation: SF mayor London Breed parties without a mask: The SF mayor dances her way around the hypocrisy: Haitian immigrants under a bridge in Texas: OnlyFeds: Australia protests: Thanks for Watching! The best way to follow Unsafe Space, no matter which platforms ban us, is to visit: While we're still allowed on YouTube, please don't forget to verify that you're subscribed, and to like and share this episode. You can find us there at: For episode clips, visit: Other video platforms on which our content can be found include: LBRY: BitChute: Also, come join our community of dangerous thinkers at the following social media least until we get banned: Censorship-averse platforms: Gab: @unsafe Minds: @unsafe Locals: Parler: @unsafespace Telegram Chat: Censorship-happy platforms: Twitter: @_unsafespace Facebook: Instagram: @_unsafespace MeWe: Support the content that you consume by visiting: Finally, don't forget to announce your status as a wrong-thinker with some Unsafe Space merch, available at:

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