June 6, 2022

Can you handle the truth? Can you handle the heat? Jason is coming out the gates blazing with his Monday fire-starter. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has made headlines with his documentary “What Is a Woman?” What seems like a simple question for most rational people leads Walsh on a journey around America and into the LBTGQ+ community. Jason praises the work in the film but believes it's missing one key element: God. “Based on his finished product, his hunt for truth never led him to a church or forced one of his interview subjects to reference God, Jesus, or the Bible.” Jason observes. Without a conversation about God, Jesus, and the Bible there cannot be a conversation regarding truth. “Fearless” contributors Shemeka Michelle and Jill Savage join the show to add the female perspective and answer Jason’s big questions. Did the Daily Wire and Matt Walsh make a mistake in leaving God out of the doc? And is it even worth having a debate of womanhood? Delano Squires tells the Fearless Army what the film is actually seeking. “The film is not really about women or transgenderism; it's a film about truth, which means it's more about theology than biology.” And finally, Dave Shannon hops on the show, agreeing with Jason’s thoughts and adds that Christian leaders and clergy members are already equipped to combat these elements of society, but they aren’t accepting the battle. “Fearless” is turning the heat up on TheBlaze; don’t stand too close to these flames.

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