Feb. 17, 2023

Did you know that the concept of the 'tragedy of the commons' was fueled by an ideology?

In Episode #369 of 'Musings', Juan and I discuss: why a recent book review sparked this topic, a human depopulation article with an underlying ideology, Garret Hardin's hypocrisy, whether people under a spell behave differently, using emotions and cherry picking data, why Juan loves the 'Discipline = Freedom' ideology and why we don't talk about wokism/capitalism/communism/environmentalism or really any ism's.

A huge thanks to our supporters of Dave Jones, Petar the Slav, McIntosh and Trevor. It's a handsome group!

(0:00) - Alliteration and themed
(0:38) - Wiki definition
(1:44) - Tragedy of the commons
(6:57) - Reading the article
(12:56) - Ideas vs actions
(19:14) - Beliefs and logic
(25:30) - Boostagram Lounge
(35:03) - Lack of data
(43:31) - Original use vs nowadays
(47:34) - Summary
(51:45) - Why we don't talk about this much
(55:50) - Follow the V4V ideology!

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