#76 Erik Prince - 6 Enemies of Big Government, Combating Cartels and the Ukraine War | Part 1

Shawn Ryan Show

Sept. 25, 2023

So much has been happening in the world over the last few months–the war in Ukraine, the value drops in the US dollar, a recession and political turmoil. SRS wanted to get insights from someone who can see beyond the veil. That's why we're welcoming back Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater and American Entrepreneur, Former Navy Seal.

Prince explains the shifts in foreign policy and the looming dangers of a no-end war in Ukraine and the growing threat of the CCP. He shares his experiences contracting with the State Department and gives insights on what Capitol Hill is pushing. Shawn and Erik discuss the decline of American manufacturing and the security threats monopolies have created in business and politics. This episode is a "state of the union" from the perspective of one of the world's most experienced entrepreneurs.

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