#52 Andrew Bustamante - CIA Spy / World War 3, Money Laundering and The Next Superpower | SRS #52 Part 1

Shawn Ryan Show

March 27, 2023

Andrew Bustamante is a former Air Force Combat Veteran and CIA Intelligence Officer specializing in covert action and clandestine operations, a.k.a, your everyday Spy. In Part 1 of this two-part series, Bustamante takes us through his recruitment into the Agency and how he met his wife in the field—a true "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" moment.

Bustamante & Shawn get honest with unfiltered opinions on COVID and American foreign policy with China, Russia, and Ukraine. Bustamante discusses proxy wars and the United States' interests in the current conflict in Eastern Europe and how that affects us here at home. Bustamante level sets with us on media & propaganda, declining US influence, and whether or not our politicians have something to hide.

Strap in. This episode is all about the world underneath, through the eyes of a Spy.

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