Fighting Insomnia with Keto

The Tactical Kitchen Show

May 20, 2019

In Episode 51 today we talk about one of the most important topics concerning our health…and that’s SLEEP.

This is our story. If something we are doing or trying helps you to achieve a healthier state of being, then we couldn’t be happier.


Remember, we are not doctors and this podcast is filled with our experiences and sometimes our opinions. We don’t ALWAYS follow the results of studies done in nutritional research because much of that “science” is absolute garbage.

What we do encourage is following a Real Food Diet. Meaning that your meals are made up primarily of things that have zero additional ingredients, like beef. That’s a real food. Beyond that you will need to do some experimenting of your own.

Follow us on our journey and maybe some of our experiences will resinate with you.

Now Let’s Go Chew The FAT!

Steve and Melody

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