0.00000031: Bryan Nonni, Terminus Electric Money Lab

Changing the Tide

Oct. 19, 2022

Bryan Nonni is a software engineer at one of the world's largest payment companies and co-founded the Terminus Electric Money Lab in Atlanta in June 2022. The goal of Terminus is to be the bridge between "Transaction Alley" in Georgia and the Lightning Network via shared work and hackerspace, as well as hosted events. They are Changing the Tide by educating some of the largest payments companies in the United States (and the world) about Bitcoin and Lightning–from the grassroots all the way to the c-suite levels. Links: ​ Bryan's Twitter handle: @nonni_io Terminus's Twitter handle: @terminusbtc Terminus's website: Note: Nothing in this podcast constitutes financial, legal, or medical advice. The content within is solely for educational purposes. Please consult tax, legal, or medical professionals before making financial, legal, or medical decisions based on what you hear. Music: "Summer Nights" by Bobo Renthlei Graphics: Kal Kassa Host: Jon Crabtree Producer: Jon Crabtree

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