Dec. 15, 2023

With the recent explosive whistleblower testimony regarding the government's knowledge of UFOs, crashed craft, and ET interactions, you could be forgiven for thinking that the decades-long agenda of cover-up and secrecy is finally coming to an end. However, it's possible that nothing could be further from the truth, especially if extraterrestrial intelligence itself is responsible for the cover-up.

On this episode, we consider reports from alleged abductees and leading researchers who claim that an alien infiltration of humanity is well underway and has been so for more than a century. We hear stories of alien hybrid security enforcers, mind control, and more. Then, for our Plus+ members, we take an in-depth look into the hotly anticipated Fairy Census 2! We cover reports of man-eating fox spirits, hidden realms, and terrifying black monsters of the fae sort.


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