Oct. 13, 2022

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Tulsi Gabbard’s appearance on Joe Rogan; Joe Rogan’s attack on Democrats and support for Ron DeSantis; Terry Moran delivering sad news to the host of ABC News’ “This Week” about how bad the midterm elections are looking for Democrats and why people shouldn’t trust the political opinion polls; MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ insane take on Republicans plans for the economy; NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo stunning Dr. Fauci by attacking his stance on lockdowns; Larry Summers savaging Biden’s attacks on the oil and gas industry and the halting of fracking permits; how the US debt clock is currently looking; John Fetterman appearing to really be struggling with his stroke recovery; AOC having her supporters turn on her and attack her for getting America closer to a nuclear war due to her support for funding Ukraine’s fight Russia; Tulsi Gabbard telling Joe Rogan how the Democratic party turned into a woke cult; and much more.


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