372 | Rocky Mountain Horror Stories, Southern Terrors, and Middle of Nowhere Strangeness

Unexplained Encounters

July 13, 2022

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Prepare yourself for some very disturbing stories featuring creatures in the Rocky Mountains and monsters that want to crawl inside your car.

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SCARY STORIES TIMESTAMPS (Automatic Ad Placement May Change start times of stories)

0:00 INTRO

0:56 Not Abandoned from Seeing Things

6:44 Switching Seats in the Dark from Christina

11:21 Ghost Witch of Oklahoma from C.Philly100

17:49 Those Eyes from Ian L.

27:42 Dogman of Texas from Kirk

32:23 My Ghostly Encounters in Jackson County, Mississippi from Barbie

40:45 Pale Grey Humanoid Encounter in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming

45:25 It Stalks Our Land from waterlessgoldfish

48:49 What Else is Out There from Randy

51:25 Terrifying Shadow Creature from Earthenrose

54:10 The House from Anonymous

58:18 The Colville Bridge from Ben B.

1:02:28 It Knows I'm here from Soccerrhorror0703

1:06:41 A Close Call from Scriblybitz


Music by me aka Dark Music!


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