April 22, 2022

I think a lot of us are struggling to decide on what the liberty minded approach should be with woke corporate America. I was thrilled to get to ask Judge Nap about this. His insights on it were truly revelatory. Check out his podcast here: Follow him here: Pick up his books here: SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS, they are hard to come by for indy media!: Looking to change career paths, start a business, free yourself from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle? Start here by signing up for The Daily Job Hunt, it's free!: Pickup the best hot sauce on earth here using code "Liberty" at checkout: Become a supporting member of Liberty Lockdown here!: This is where I do monthly AMA's for supporting members only Super valuable stuff! Make sure to sign up over at Odysee so you can watch the video version of this show and not worry about censorship! It's free too!$/invite/@LibertyLockdown:8 Please follow me on instagram: Twitter: Pickup LL shirts over at Podcast subscriptions are the best way to never miss an episode: Apple Spotify VIDEO VERSION, sub the YT bruh! All links: As always, if you leave a five star review on Apple Podcasts with your social media handle I'll read it on next week’s show (audio version only)! Love you long time

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