Feb. 16, 2024

We riff about a true vortex of power in America: Jungle Jims. Then we get into a totally absurd – but also refreshingly direct – startup from Germany called Vay that just launched in Las Vegas. And we wrap up by checking in on Sam Altman who has finally decided that, in the name of democracy, OpenAI is ready to get into the “military and warfare” business. ••• Vay launches commercial driverless mobility service with remotely driven cars in Las Vegas, Nevada ••• OpenAI Is Working With US Military on Cybersecurity Tools ••• AI-driven misinformation ‘biggest short-term threat to global economy’ Subscribe to hear more analysis and commentary in our premium episodes every week! Hosted by Jathan Sadowski ( and Edward Ongweso Jr. ( Production / Music by Jereme Brown (

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