54 - Paul Rosenberg: Of Anarchy and Abolition

The Watchman Privacy Podcast

Feb. 24, 2023

Gabriel Custodiet speaks for a second time with Paul Rosenberg: cryptographer, philosopher, theologian, and privacy advocate. This wide-ranging conversation covers the demise of the CryptoHippie VPN, the original cryptography movement, Bitcoin, Ross Ulbricht, Ayn Rand, the possibility of anarchy, Christianity, the moral inadequacy of democracy, and the future of technocracy. 


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0:00 – Introduction
1:06 – Has being an electrician changed your view of the world?
3:48 – CryptoHippie VPN went out of business; what can we learn from that?
8:06 – Global arbitrage of CryptoHippie business
10:58 – What was the original cryptography movement (and the cypherpunks) all about?
15:49 – What about people who are skeptical of all digital tools?
18:48 – Best ways to learn about computer code and cryptography
22:48 – Rapid fire with Paul Rosenberg
24:52 – What do you say to Bitcoin skeptics?
27:28 – Why shouldn’t we focus on privacy coins like Monero?
29:31 – Ross Ulbricht trial
32:00 – Influence of Ayn Rand on Paul
35:23 – Problems with Randian philosophy?
38:40 – Do people today have the moral compass to live in anarchy?
44:44 – What do you say to Christians supportive of government?
50:19 – Democracy is morally unsound
54:21 – Neuralink and transhumanism

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