March 4, 2022

What makes the HIVE blockchain decentralised and why is Brian suing Facebook & Google?

In Conversation #71, Brian and I discussed: why decentralisation is so important to stopping online censorship, the need for peer to peer networks being established before following the value for value model, the whole story of the STEEM/HIVE saga, the global notification service called PodPing and why he is part of lawsuit suing Google & Facebook for banning cryptocurrency advertising back in 2018.

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Why are Israeli's adventurous?
(8:52) - Different web versions are cows analogy
(16:07) - Censorship on the internet
(21:08) - Could V4V have worked on the early internet?
(26:50) - Is the core of decentralisation to stop censorship?
(31:52) - Trying to completely censor people is idiotic
(37:56) - STEEM's hostile takeover
(59:53) - The birth of HIVE
(1:07:00) - PodPing
(1:19:40) - The maximalist mindset
(1:25:47) - Crypto class action lawsuit
(1:34:22) - Australian law & fairness
(1:37:10) - Self representation in court
(1:41:21) - Australian cartel laws
(1:43:47) - Brian is going to pump Bitcoin by destroying social media
(1:48:49) - Where to find Brian

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