The Real Jimmy Fallon Show - Longdays with Yannis Pappas

LongDays with Yannis Pappas

June 11, 2022

Yanni imagines what the real Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon would be like if he was being honest and himself. Yanni proposes some new show ideas that will engage and stimulate the over-stimulated population we have become. Are they a little hunger games-esque? Yes they are. You got to admit they are inventive and hilarious!

Also, this week’s news story out of San Francisco ties in nicely to a theme in Yanni’s new hour special MOM LOVE, which is available on YouTube. District attorney Chesa Boudin has since been recalled because people are sick of the crime wave. His policies as district attorney were pretty empathetic. Is he actually on the side of the criminals like his parents were? You heard that right. If you want to learn more about his background and his criminal parents, this weeks Extra Longday (Patreon bonus ep) delivers on it. It is a goody:

Also, Yanni tells a hilarious tale of a drunk Mexican who disappeared forever in a pile of garbage bags. Also, he addresses what has killed comedy specials and no it’s not Gringo Papi.


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