Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health, Dr. Casey Means (#57)

The Kevin Rose Show

May 14, 2024

Are you struggling with your health despite following all the "right" advice? The answer may lie in a surprising place: your metabolism. In this episode, Kevin sits down with Dr. Casey Means to explore the connection between metabolism and limitless health, and how understanding your unique metabolic needs can unlock your potential for optimal wellness. They discuss the latest research on metabolism and health, six biomarkers that predict metabolic disease, and practical tips for optimizing your metabolic function.

Guest Bio and Links:

Dr. Casey Means is a medical doctor, writer, tech entrepreneur (Levels Health), aspiring regenerative gardener, and outdoor enthusiast who lives in a state of awe for the miracle and mystery of existence and consciousness. During her training as a surgeon, Casey saw how broken and exploitative the healthcare system is and left to focus on how to keep people out of the operating room. Casey is passionate about working towards a healthier and happier planet by empowering people to understand their health and the limitless potential within.

Listeners can learn more about Dr. Casey Means at her website and on IG @drcaseyskitchen.


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Show Notes: 

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (1:00) Copilot: Get a 2-month free trial with code KEVINROSE at
  • (2:15) Facet: $250 enrollment fee waived  
  • (4:00) Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health
  • (4:20) Levels Health 
  • (5:30) The metabolic health crisis  
  • (11:15) Overview of metabolism   
  • (12:30) Question: How do you define metabolic dysfunction? 
  • (13:35) “Nothing could be scarier to the body than a cell that can't do its work.”
  • (14:50) The CDR: the cell danger response 
  • (14:55) Root causes of metabolic dysfunction
  • (17:35) “Every leading cause of death in the United States, other than suicide is fundamentally in some way related to the immune system being on overdrive all the time.” 
  • (22:30) LMNT: Electrolyte drink mix. Grab a free sample pack with code KEVINROSE 
  • (23:55) The Way Meditation App
  • (25:40) Question: is metabolic dysfunction a healthcare problem or an individual problem? 
  • (26:13) Core problems with the current healthcare system
  • (34:00) Hello Lingo - your personalized metabolic coach
  • (34:20) Upcoming healthcare trends 
  • (35:50) Six biomarkers that predict deadly diseases 
  • (37:20) What is ApoB testing 
  • (51:00) What is gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT)   
  • (59:00) How to take back your health
  • (1:04:15) Potential dangers of glucose tolerance tests    
  • (1:07:45) Functional medicine doctors and how individuals can access relevant health tests
  • (1:09:30) What is homocysteine? 
  • (1:12:45) The barbaric truth about pollutants 
  • (1:18:25) Question: What are your thoughts on personal skincare items?
  • (1:23:50) “I think one of the easiest ways to get rid of the most toxins is simply to shop at the farmer's market..”
  • (1:31:30) Practical strategies and practical tips to get out of Good Energy 
  • (1:35:35) Question: What is the catalyst to take back control and make real change? 
  • (1:36:38) The connection between spirituality and health  

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