Oct. 27, 2022

No Agenda Episode 1498 - "Junk Fees"

"Junk Fees"

Executive Producers:

Sir Nacho Alcatraz

Ronald Lafferty

Sir (Josh) Dilsaver


Sir Ryan, Black Knight of Forgottonia

Neil Ganshorn

Jim McCaslin

Sir William Lee

Joseph Bertolini

JC Zalog

Katherine Rivera

Douglas MacKinnon

Larry Mason

Greg Hoy

chris mitzlaff

Sir keg Baron of Southern Wake County

Magdaleno Gutierrez

Jonathan Dudys

Chris Riney

Robert Smith

Layla de Grootte

Dame Hamr of the Crow Kingdome

James Nittel

Kathryn Sutton

Sir Wesley Olsen

Joshua Faure

Justin Wynn

Rory Semelroth

John Vincent

JD Moore

Keegan Sullivan

David Flynn - Sir FOD Father

Scott Hopper

Mark Hardwick

Jonathan Greenlee

Sam Onan


Michael Janczak

carlos areces

Dame Karen

Mark Davies

Mark Kanof

Jet Stigter

corey harrison -Sir Edge, knight of the Sasquatch lands

Daniel Kaufman

Andrew Smith

Jim Tucker

Edward Tatnall Sir FOD Father, Baron of the Circle City

Sir Alexander Sulzberger


Sir Foam Finger Number 1

Dame Beth, Baroness of Baja Arizona


Joe Tirio

Adam Hollins

Gabriel Chapman

Brock Reinhold

Brian Telecky


Richard Grabowski

Steven Webb


Sir Stephen Schwarz

Ryan Burger


Matthew Couzens

Chad Shackford

Jeffery Burich (pronounced BEER-itch)

Clint Young

James Cherf


Keith Johnson

Sir Chad Farrow

Sir Kyle of Bertram and the 3 Donkeys


Sir Bryan Tobiason, Baron of Chiefs Kingdom

Brad Dougherty

Timothy Binder

John Takaezu (pronounce like sumo wrestler)

Martin Walla

Jonathan Daniel

Anita Carrasco

Cody Gray

Sir Calistra

Associate Executive Producers:

David Uhrbrock

Kirill Osipov

joe derks

Mark Rosinski

Christ Palmos

Shane Sprowl

Kyle Maxwell

Gwendolyn Wagner

David Homoney [like Hominy]

Patrick Sullivan

Prints By AG

Andrew Burgess

Greg Fitzgerald

Frank Chiappetta

Joshua Pettigrew

Hendrix Obi

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Title Changes

Sir Ben of the Apex -> Baron of the Orland Township Illinois

Sir Yuri Meows-A-Lot -> Baron Yuri the Red of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, a province east of Moscow

Sir Ryan, Black Knight of Forgottonia -> Viscount of Forgottonia

Sir Wesley Olsen -> Baron Wes of the Balderdash

Sir Stephen Schwarz -> Baronet

Edward Tatnall Sir FOD Father, Baron of the Circle City -> Baron

Knights & Dames

Layla de Grootte -> Dame Lulu of the Space Force Beach

Kathryn Sutton -> Dame Kathryn Cryptogranny of Bangkok

Amanda Dilsaver -> Dame Dilsaver

Bradly Dilsaver -> Sir Dilsaver II

Brian Henderson -> Sir Henderschnoot, Knight of the Pickles Gambit

Ronald Lafferty -> Sir Ronald Lafferty

Douglas MacKinnon -> Sir Ike of Lettland

Larry Mason -> "dude named e vill larry, the master of the VA medibots"

Greg Hoy -> Sir Earhopper

Chris Mitzlaff -> Sir Charismatic

Michael Janczak -> Sir Michael

Magdaleno Gutierrez -> Sir Spicy Mexican

Dean Desimone -> Sir Deano monkey boy with curly hair

Joshua Faure -> Sir XeQshunR (pronounced “executioner”)

Justin Wynn -> Sir Small Batch Bartender

Rory Semelroth -> Sir Rory of the Duck River

John Vincent -> Sir Wuz, Knight of the Baying Coonhound

JD Moore -> Sir JD of JC Accounting

Keegan Sullivan -> Sir Finnrock

David Flynn -> Sir Carnivore is my personal pronoun

Scott Hopper -> Sir Hopcam, Panner of the First Turn

Carlos Areces -> Sir Ching For A Name

Corey Harrisson -> Sir Corey Harrisson

Mark Davies -> Sir Mark of the Mamaku Ranges

Gabriel Chapman -> Sir Bacon is King, Surveyor of the Legendary Back Bowls

Dan Shadix -> Sir Dan the Shady

Matthew Couzens -> Sir Matty of Central Oregon

James Cherf -> Sir James, Defender of the Oak Knoll, guardian of Cricket Creek, the un-woke

Anonymous -> Sir Quirky, the Baronet On Two Wheels

Cody Gray -> Sir Cody Gray

David Uhrbrock -> Sir Bilgewater of the Lower Mississippi

Kirill Osipov -> Sir Skip Logic of Ormond

Tony -> Sir Tony, Knight of the Datamodels

Art By: irritable - Pre-Op Transracial

End of Show Mixes: Sir Michaelanthony - Jesse Coy Nelson - Matty J - Sir Nedwood - Tom Starkweather

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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