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Feb. 3, 2023

Molly Durand and music will forever be synonymous in my mind. Early days in LA 2008 we had a gang of misfits that drank too much and would see everyones comedy, music and theater shows, Molly would always be in that rotation heavily for me. Molly has a presence about her on stage that comes from a deep, genuine place that can move a motherfucking mountain range. It sounded like she was releasing raw chunks of  her soul in each note and you can feel it in the room, her presence demands attention. I was in awe of that level of vulnerability and singing talent as a then closeted musician. Molly told me she traveled the world with a large choir in her youth and once sang for the pope - (i'm not sure which one, prolly the coolest one though) - and in these large venues, churches and cathedrals having the music they sang give her the feeling of connecting to a higher power, oneness, global consciousness, whatever you want to call it. Whatever you call it, if you've been lucky in life you may have experienced a similar euphoria, a connection and feeling that Molly said she has chased ever since. I've experienced the same thing, but it was because I drank a 40oz of Mickey's and took two hits of acid at some old hippie show (Rat Dog?) in Detroit when I was about 16 - which is sort of like church. IYKYK

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