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Jan. 24, 2023

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John spent most of his working life as a corporate slave to the IT industry, before ‘seeing the light’ and finally escaping from the dreary, soul-destroying confines of the corporatocracy over twenty years ago.


Since then he has been a full-time professional, geopolitical researcher, public speaker, analyst and author, having written and published 8 books to date. His first, ‘The Falsification of History’ (2012), a book that has sold over 70,000 copies, established his reputation as a writer of ‘real’ history, as opposed to the constant lies that we are fed over the course of a lifetime.He also spent around 3 years researching the myths and legends surrounding the Titanic incident, the result of which was two books, ‘RMS Olympic’ (2013) and a subsequent novel based on that factual account, ‘Titanic’s Last Secret.’ (2013)


In May 2016, John published ‘Behind the Curtain’ a huge two-volume, 600,000 word exposé of the fraudulent world-wide monetary and banking systems that prevail today and the people who run them, with an iron fist encased inside a velvet glove. This book outlines precisely how those who are able to create money from ‘thin air’ are able to use that fraudulent ‘money’ to control almost everything else in the world and how they have distorted history for centuries, to pursue their own sordid agenda.


His 6th book was a new ‘take’ on the JFK assassination, ‘JFK – A Very British Coup,’

(2019) which ‘names and shames’ the ‘British Crown’ as prime movers in the plot. His previous book, the 7th, ‘The Falsification of Science.’ a ‘sister’ volume to his first, ‘The Falsification of History’, was published in 2021. And his most recent book, ‘Welcome to the Masquerade,’ (2022) co-authored with Shannon Rowan, documents the entire background and methodology behind the ongoing Covid plandemic.


He also contributes his inspiring insights on a regular basis in the alternate media in his many podcasts and online interviews all of which may be found, along with hundreds of written articles, on his website at John’s Bitchute channel is ‘John Hamer Official’


Book no. 9 is currently in the early planning stages.


John Hamer Official ( John Hamer: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle


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